Simple Improvements That Will Revalue Your Home And Help You Save

No kidding, making specific improvements in a home can re-evaluate your price more than 25 %. That is to say, remodeling your house not only entails short-term benefits but an investment in a future sale. On the other hand, we can undertake large or small works, all welcome, even if the value is not the same. For example, changing an old and outdated floor will improve the appearance of your home, without a doubt, but will it revalue its price? Not as much as an investment to renovate the windows. Today we reveal what renovations revalue more a house.

Pull partitions and join spaces

Creating more open spaces is not only a growing trend in interior design but has many advantages:

  • It contributes to give a greater feeling of spaciousness to housing.
  • It promotes better circulation of natural light, as there are fewer architectural barriers.
  • The vision of the house is cleaner, less oppressive. Our eyes will find fewer obstacles, order, and decoration taking center stage.
  • Spaces are made more versatile and multifunctional since by not having separations you can change the distribution and purpose of the furniture as you wish.

Increase natural light      

The natural light brings vitality and warmth to the environment, and it helps regulate the temperature naturally housing, in addition to a greater feeling of spaciousness. Luz is synonymous with health for its inhabitants because its influence on our organism and state of mind is scientifically proven. So, would not you like to enhance the natural light of your apartment? You can achieve this goal by pulling partitions and joining spaces, as we discussed in the previous section, or creating new pieces in the house or expanding existing ones.

Renew the facilities

The offer of newly built homes is not always as comprehensive as we wish, nor are they located in the commune we prefer. For this reason, many people choose to buy second-hand houses or apartments and remodel them.  That or invest in improving your own home. In both situations, the renovation of the facilities is a necessary investment when the dwelling has reached a certain age or if we intend to transform an industrial building into a home.

Improve Energy Efficiency

The energy consumption of a home is a necessary expense that you will pay for a lifetime. Therefore, investing in energy efficiency is a wise decision when planning the remodeling of your home. On the one hand, you will save on each rate, recovering the money invested over time. On the other hand, you will achieve a significant revaluation of the house in the face of a future sale, since energy efficiency is gaining importance only recently.

  • Replace the windows for more efficient models of double or triple glazing, depending on the climate of the Region where you live.
  • Thermal rehabilitation of the facade. It is more complicated work, because it encompasses the entire building, although it is an improvement that will benefit everyone.
  • Improve the insulation of your home indoors and windows that can produce drafts.

Why should I replace my windows?

The price of energy, exceptionally light, and heating are becoming increasingly difficult to pay. And enjoying comfort at home should be a priority, both regarding thermal and acoustic insulation. But if your home is not new construction, built with the new criteria of energy efficiency, you may suffer from air leaks or cold/heat leakage through your old doors and windows. Not to mention the noises from outside…

Changing them is a considerable investment, but it’s worth it. First, because it implies a direct saving in the bills that you will notice every month. Therefore, you will recover the long-term investment. On the other hand, this type of improvements revalues the price of housing, as they modernize them and make them more efficient, which is what the market is increasingly demanding.