KAT5 Multidrop Distribution


At its most basic, the KAT5 AV distribution system consists of a single point to point AV link over a CAT5 cable.


There have been requests from many KAT5 users to distribute signals to more than one location. The methods described below will allow a single source to be distributed to multiple locations either by a slight modification to a structured wiring scheme or by a dedicated Point to Point cable.

There are three important rules that must be followed to ensure a good quality picture.

  1. Intermediate recievers must be of the UNTERMINATED variety
  2. The last socket MUST be fitted with a TERMINATED receiver at all times
  3. Patch Leads connecting the intermediate receivers should be as short as possible.


This configuration allows multiple receivers to be driven from a single KAT5 transmitter
There is one minor departure from a true structured wiring system, in that, there are two cables terminated onto a single CAT5 outlet. This is suggested as the neatest and most cost effective method of daisychaining over a structured wiring system. To be fully compliant with structured wiring, there should be two sockets at each intermediate point with two patch leads running to the KAT5 receiver. As the KAT5 receiver only has a single RJ45 socket a double RJ45 adapter would also be required and these can be difficult to obtain in the UK.

STOP PRESS: I can now supply a double adapter to enable standard structured cabling to be used.
Please Note: These adapters will NOT fit the socket on the KAT5 units as the case gets in the way. They will however fit a standard twin outlet wallplate. One patch cord should be used from the double adapter to the other wallplate RJ45 to continue the daisy chain, and a second patch cord used to feed the KAT5 unit.


This configuration allows multiple receivers to be driven from a single KAT5 transmitter
This configuration does not follow the Structured Cabling model as it uses a dedicated cable run from point to point. The preferred method is the patchable system described above. There are installation where a fully structured cabling system is not justified such as distribution to multiple TV screens in a Pub or Club, in which case the dedicated cable may be more suitable.

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