KAT5 Development

How KAT5 Started

The development of KAT5 started out of the frustration of being unable to find enough UHF channels free of interference so that I might distribute my Satellite Receivers and Video Recorders to every TV in the home.

Where I live on the East Coast, I suffer quite bad interference from continental TV stations during the summer months. There are also frequent occasions when I have been able to receive many UK TV signals from transmitters in other parts of the country due to the atmospheric conditions. This makes it extremely difficult to obtain a good picture and sound at these times.

With the introduction of Stereo Sound on Satellite and NICAM Stereo on Terrestrial TV, I also wanted a means of maintaining the high quality audio as well. (The RF modulators in Satellite Receivers and Video Recorders only output Mono Audio).

The "Original" KAT5 units
The initial prototype features Composite Video + Stereo Audio + Infra Red Repeater function.

As you can see from the photographs, this is obviously a prototype constructed on Veroboard and housed in recycled cases that once housed some test equipment.

The second KAT5 prototype
For the second prototype, I dropped the IR Repeater functionality in favour of a second video channel. This allows the distribution of higher quality S-Video signals, again with Stereo Audio. The cases were purchased specifically to house the modules but I was unhappy with the finish of the units as the case was difficult and time consuming to machine. After some serious redesign and a lot of searching for suitable enclosures for the modules the Pre-Production prototype was born.
The "Pre-Production" KAT5 prototype
This Pre-Production prototype is housed in a high quality case and the AV connections are by means of a SCART socket as this supports both Composite and S-video connectivity. The redesigned PCB allows me to custom build a KAT5 unit to suit any combination and direction of Audio or Video signals upto a maximum of 4 circuits. It also features a much improved Power Supply ensuring the best Audio and Video performance.
The Future.....
Development of the KAT5 AV Distribution System is continuing and will try to accomodate suggestions from users as to any new features or modules they would like to see.

The AV switcher is under development at the moment and will be released as soon as possible. Also in an advanced stage of development is an IR Repeater upgrade to the existing S-Video units to allow control of the source equipment and the KAT5 AV switcher.

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