InfraRed Upgrades

IR Upgrades for KAT5 Units are now available.
The IR Upgrade provides the following functionality
  • IR Pass Through - IR Control of remotely located source equipment
  • Auto SCART Switching - SCART switching signals from the source equipment are relayed to the viewing device. Widescreen is supported.
  • Manual SCART Switching - Allows the user to choose between Off/Full/Wide/Auto SCART Switching.
The upgrade is in the form of two small additional circuit boards that fits inside the existing KAT5 units. They are connected to the existing circuit board by a connector harness and a 3.5mm jack socket is fitted to the end panel for the connection of the IR Receiver or IR emitter.

KAT5 InfraRed is based on a 38kHz Carrier Frequency The vast majority of Consumer AV Equipment uses remote control frequencies in the range 36kHz to 40kHz and should work with no problems whatsoever.

KAT5 InfraRed WILL NOT work with remote controls that use 455kHz or IRDA

IR Upgrade Options

KAT5 IRU-S Self Fit - KAT5 users who are competent at soldering can fit the upgrades themselves. Full instruction will be supplied with the kit and email/telephone support will be available in the unlikely event that you have any problems performing the upgrade.

The installation instructions are available on this website to enable you to see what is involved in fitting the upgrade to assist you in deciding whether to choose Self Fit or Fitted.

KAT5 IRU-F Fitted - you must return your KAT5 units for fitting of the upgrade boards.

KAT5 AVS-TXIR KAT5 Transmitter with IR this is a KAT5 transmitter prefitted with the IR upgrade board.

KAT5 AVS-RXIR KAT5 Receiver with IR this is a KAT5 receiver prefitted with the IR upgrade board.

Which KAT5 units can be upgraded ?
Almost all of them.....
... subject to a few limitations.

KAT5 Multidrop

Because of the technology used to carry the IR and SCART control signals it is not possible to have more than one IR Upgraded KAT5 Receiver connected to a KAT5 Transmitter. However, just because you have multidrop doesnt mean you cant fit an upgrade. Multiple receivers can exist on a KAT5 circuit provided that only one receiver has the IR upgrade fitted.

The transmitter can be upgraded and the receiver board can be fitted to EITHER an RXU or RX. The only limitation is that ONLY ONE of the receivers can be fitted with the upgrade board. If you need IR control from more than one viewing room you will need additional transmitters. Termination Resistors to convert an RXU to an RX will be supplied free of charge.

KAT5 Units without a SCART socket

Obviously if your KAT5 units dont have a SCART socket it is going to be a bit difficult to have SCART control but the IR upgrade boards can still be fitted to give the IR Pass Through functionality.

KAT5 RGB Units

These can be fitted with the IR upgrades and SCART versions will also perform the RGB switching functions however these require a slightly different version of the upgrade board so please email with the serial numbers of your units when enquiring about upgrades.

Custom KAT5 Units

If you have KAT5 units that differ from the standard S-Video + Stereo configuration, it should be possible to fit IR upgrades however these may require a slightly different version of the upgrade board so please email with the serial numbers of your units when enquiring about upgrades.

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