KAT5 InfraRed Upgrade User Guide

This document details the functionality and operation of the InfraRed Upgrades for KAT5 AVS units.

The IR Upgrade provides the following functionality

  • IR Pass Through - IR Control of remotely located source equipment
  • Auto SCART Switching - SCART switching signals from the source equipment are relayed to the viewing device. Widescreen is supported.
  • Manual SCART Switching - Allows the user to choose between Off/Full/Wide/Auto SCART Switching.

Connecting the Remote Sensor and IR Emitter.

The IR Sensor is a small square block on the end of approximately 600mm of cable. This is terminated with a 3 conductor 3.5mm Jack Plug and should be plugged into the KAT5 Receiver. One side of the sensor has a raised dome, this is the part that picks up the IR signals. The sensor should be located where is has an unobstructed view of any IR handset that will be pointed at it.

The IR Emitter is a small circular button on the end of approx 1 metre of cable. This is terminated with a 2 conductor 3.5mm jack plug and should be plugged into the KAT5 Transmitter. The choice of fixing is left to the user but consideration should be given to possible damage to the fascia of the source equipment.

Suggested methods of fixing (in no particular order) are

  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Clear Silicone Sealant
  • Hot Melt Glue
  • Superglue
  • Contact Adhesive

It may be necessary to experiment a little before the optimum location for the emitter is found. If direct control of the source equipment is also required it may be necessary to mount the emitter away from the fascia slightly so as not to impede other IR signals.

Single IR emitters from other manufacturers should also work without problems. Single Emitters with "Blink LED's" or Double IR emitters may work but this cannot be guaranteed.

As supplied, KAT5 IR is "Ready to Go" without any configuration.

KAT5 Receiver
Manual Operation - if the source equipment does not provide SCART switching signals, or if it is desired to override the SCART signals, this can be done by using a Universal Remote Control configured to operate a "Sony Laserdisc Player".

The IR upgrade responds to the following buttons
0 Off Disables SCART Switching
1 Full Sends out the signal for a 4:3 FullScreen picture
2 Wide Sends out the signals for a 16:9 Widescreen picture
3 Auto No change until the next signal received from source.

If desired, moving a link inside the KAT5 receiver can disable Manual IR control or All SCART control. The three options are shown below.

Normal Operation IR Disabled Scart disabled
Normal Operation Manual Control Disabled SCART Control Disabled
This is how the unit is supplied This prevents manual control of the SCART switching with IR Remote Control but it will still respond to commands from the source equipment In this position ALL SCART control is disabled. It will not respond to commands from either the source equipment or IR Remote Control

NOTE: Widescreen Switching was an amendment to the original SCART specification. Because of this not all equipment may support this option. Equipment that does not implement widescreen switching generally defaults to standard Full Screen mode.

KAT5 Transmitter
There is a single link fitted to the IR upgrade board. This is currently reserved for future use and should be left in place.


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