Mk2 KAT5 Modules

The Mk2 KAT5 AV Modules

The Mk2 KAT5 units build on the success of the original KAT5 units AVS-TX and AVS-RX adding many new features. The AVTX and AVRX units support Composite or S-Video with Stereo Audio and support IR Pass Through and SCART Control as standard.

Mk2 End Panel
The modules are housed in a high quality black case with black anodised aluminium end panels. The AV connections are by means of a SCART socket as this supports both Composite and S-video connectivity. The modules measure 95mm Wide x 35mm High x 155mm Deep.
KAT5 AVTX   KAT5 AV Transmitter
  • S-Video (Composite Video compatable)
  • Stereo Audio
  • IR Pass Through
  • SCART Control
  • AVTX Switchable Termination
The KAT5 AVTX replaces the previous AVS-TX and AVS-TXIR models and is supplied with a suitable power supply and a stick on IR Emitter for control of source equipment.
KAT5 AVRX   KAT5 AV Receiver
  • S-Video (Composite Video compatable)
  • Stereo Audio
  • IR Pass Through
  • SCART Control
  • AVRX Switchable Termination
The KAT5 AVRX replaces the previous AVS-RX, AVS-RXU and AVS-RXIR models and is supplied with a suitable power supply and a remote InfraRed Receiver with Feedback LED.
Description of Features

IR Pass Through - allows remotely located source equipment to be controlled from the viewing room by relaying Infrared signals back to the source.

SCART Control - replicates the SCART Switching signals from the source equipment at the viewing room. This gives the impression that a long SCART cable connects the two devices. This also enables correct aspect ratio switching for equipment that supports this function.

AVTX Switchable Termination - the transmitter now features switchable input termination allowing multiple KAT5 Transmitters to be connected to the same source equipment using simple Passive SCART splitters rather than needing expensive active splitters. This also allows a KAT5 Transmitter to be connected to a source at the same time as a TV.

AVRX Switchable Termination - the receiver now features switchable termination allowing more than one receiver to be fed from a single transmitter. Switching the termination off converts the unit into the equivalent of the previous AVS-RXU allowing the receiver to be used in a Multidrop distribution system. Please note that when used for Multidrop, the IR Pass Through and SCART Switching functions are disabled on that receiver.

S-Video Mixdown - A new feature to the AVRX is S-Video Mixdown this allows an S-Video source to be mixed down to composite video for TV's that do not support S-Video signals.

Compatability with existing KAT5 Units

Mk2 units are fully compatible with Mk1 units with regard to Audio and Video signals but IR and SCART functionality will only be available if the Mk1 unit is upgraded with the optional InfraRed Upgrade.

KAT5 Custom Modules

Also available are the AVTX-RGB and AVRX-RGB units, which are suitable for carrying high quality RGBS signals to Plasma Screens and Projectors. These units have no audio capability.

Versions of all units can be ordered with alternative connectors such as BNC, Phono and MiniDIN although these will not support the SCART switching functions.

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